"If you want kids to learn their times tables easily, effectively, and in an upbeat, entertaining way, Professor Finkle's Times Tables Factory is the product of choice. I have seen it work time and time again, even with stubborn cases, resistant to other forms of instruction."
- 3rd grade teacher

Recent Incidents
Experienced teachers and parents know that in order for a child to grasp a concept, they must hear it over and over again. We all know that repetition can be an unpleasant experience; in fact, something we all try to avoid, unless it is done in a fun and entertaining way.

Can you imagine such a thing as fun repetition? Talk about an oxymoron!
Professor Finkle is like nothing you have ever seen or experienced. His approach to teaching is anything but unpleasant. In fact, you will find him to be entertaining, educational, and motivational.

Your child will play these products repeatedly because Professor Finkle makes learning so much fun. They will learn these basic math concepts faster and easier than any other way because this the best math games on the market.   Learn how.

Life becomes difficult for all
Your work as a teacher is the most important work that can be done. Inspiring and developing the minds of our children will ultimately provide a better future for all the world.

Our mission is to provide educators with the best educational products that can be used as teaching tools in order to help their students increase their understanding and self-esteem. This ultimately will improve the quality of their lives.

You can see free samples of our interactive software on the individual product pages. Once you have, we are confident that you will want to include them as part of your lesson plans.

Multimedia Educators has a significant commitment to educators by developing products that provide the opportunity to make a difference in students' lives with these key benefits:

  • Content that aligns with school curriculum standards.
  • Quality software that makes learning fun and motivating for students.
  • Teacher-friendly products that use technology as a teaching tool.
  • Affordability to meet the needs of schools' budgets.
  • FREE technical support.
  • Software that fulfills the needs of students with special needs.
  • Home versions that coincide with school products.

Your Child succeed the first day
Parents and teachers alike understand that by improving their performance in school, a child's self esteem will increase dramatically. Every student at some point requires help in their basic education. Professor Finkle will help your child to achieve better grades in school, and as a result they will experience greater self esteem.

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